• NoShareScanner - is it fake? Shares samples?

    Online virus scan no distribution.

    You must have heard the famous proverb that sharing is caring but it definitely doesn't apply to your hard earned trojans and keyloggers, Right? Why would you share your private/crypted stub to antivirus vendors by coming in trap of Cheating Virus Scanners. You must have known that Virustotal and NoDistribute sell your uploads to antivirus companies and get paid for this.

    That's why we hackers need a website that allows us to scan our stubs online against multi antivirus engines and doesn't share/distribute/sell the samples to them.
    I came across a new yet decent looking site NoShareScanner.

    Online virus scan no distribution NoShareScanner

    URL: https://www.nosharescanner.com/

    So, I have thought to check whether nosharescanner.com is legit or not.

    Hey man, is nosharescanner fake? Hello, I came accross a new virus scanner, is nosharescanner safe? I just wanted to know if nosharescanner is legal? Can I trust it, is nosharescanner legit? Continue Reading>>

    Uncovering the curtain

    I took one of the adarmax keylogger stubs and uploaded it to NoShareScanner. Detection rates were 90%. I crypted it using my home made crypter and again, uploaded it to NoShareScanner. Detection rates were 0, i.e. it wasn't detected as my crypter is FUD. Two days have passed and still when I uploaded the stub, it shows 0 detections. 

    This means sample wasn't distributed.

    Conclusion, its Safe, hurray!

    My mini experiment proves NoShareScanner safe. Therefore, you may share this cool scanner with your peers and recommend it in forums. If you have any experiences using NoShareScanner or any other safe & legit online virus scanners, do comment. I will edit this article accordingly.

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